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My name is Josh Bellingham and I'm excited to help you with your tech troubles!

Tech should never replace face to face interaction or limit you in any way. It should be an add-on to your life. Below you will find video and other resources on how you can start making tech easier or work FOR you rather than against you.

If you need help with your technology give us a call at (403) 443-2555 to set up an appointment with me. My hours at Senior's Outreach are Wednesdays from 9 am - 4 pm.

Seniors Outreach also works with Kneehill Adult Learning in Three Hills to offer you one on one tutoring, classes and tech support. Check them out at or by calling (403) 443-5556. And don't worry about having to meet some new, scary person, because you'll be working with me there too!

~ Sincerely Josh

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